Springfield woman charged, accused of choking 7-year-old

A Springfield woman was charged after being accused of choking a 7-year-old.

Erica Thomas, 37, is charged with endangering children in Clark County Municipal Court. She pleaded not guilty during an arraignment hearing, according to court records.

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Springfield police began their investigation on June 8 when they were called to a home in Springfield in reference to an assault. They spoke with a woman there who told police that she picked up a 7-year-old child and found red marks on her neck.

The woman said she asked the child what happened.

“The child victim advised that the mom left the house for a few minutes and later returned,” an affidavit filed with the charges says. “The child victim stated she was crying because she thought they left her by herself. The child victim then stated Ms. Thomas grabbed her by the neck and pulled her off the couch onto the floor.”

The woman called Thomas to ask her why she would choke the child, according to the affidavit, and Thomas allegedly told the woman that “she would parent how she wants.”

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The officers said there were visible signs of injury on the child when they arrived. The affidavit says they spoke with Thomas and asked her about the child injuries.

“I asked Ms. Thomas if she at any point in time placed her hands around her daughter’s neck,” the affidavit says. ” Ms. Thomas stated ‘no.’ I then asked what happened. Ms. Thomas advised her daughter got into trouble so she grabbed her by the shirt near her face. Ms. Thomas advised her daughter started moving her hands and feet and that’s when her hands might have slipped to (her) neck and shoulders.”

Officers arrested Thomas at the scene, the affidavit says.

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