BCI investigating Clark County deputy involved shooting

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

BCI investigating Clark County deputy involved shooting

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Investigators are providing little information about a Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputy-involved shooting at Buck Creek State Park on Sunday.

The sheriff’s office confirmed the shooting. The investigation is being handled by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

“The Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation is leading the investigation of the officer-involved shooting,” said Senior Public Information Officer of Communications, Steve Irwin. “We have no information or details to provide at this time regarding the incident.”

However, emergency scanner traffic is offering insight into some of the circumstances that surround the incident .

A man armed with at least one knife at the park preceded the shooting, according to emergency dispatch traffic.

The scanner traffic indicates that multiple officers were called to the state park to assist with clearing any guests out of the area where the suspect may have been.

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“Top of the hill, reservoir, white male, white T-shirt, knife in his hand, covered in blood,” an officer said over emergency dispatch traffic.

A short time later, law enforcement reported shots had been fired.

“Shots fired! Shots fired! Get medics out here now,” law enforcement said over emergency dispatch. “We need EMS immediately. The subject’s been shot.”

The shooting occurred near the Visitor’s Center at the park, according to Clark County Chief Deputy Jeff Meyer.

The identities of the deputy nor the person shot have been released. The deputy was not harmed in the incident, according to Meyer.

Meyer said the person was shot, but did not provide a condition for the person.

Buck Creek State Park, located at 1976 Buck Creek Lane, is a popular summer destination for Clark County and surrounding area residents.

The park is home to the C.J. Brown Dam and Reservoir and other family-friendly activities — which is why park visitors were so shocked to learn about the shooting.

George Marsh, who regularly walks at the reservoir was there just hours before the shooting happened on Sunday.

Sunday evening is a popular time for people to be out at the reservoir, especially with the warm whether over the weekend.

“I was alarmed, needless to say, because of all the people,” Marsh said.

Medical helicopter responds to boating accident reported at Buck Creek State Park

Mary Beth Stelzer was also taken off guard when she heard the news on Monday afternoon while she was at the reservoir walking her dog.

“It’s where families come to be with their families to relax and everything,” said Stelzer.

It is unclear why the person who was shot was at Buck Creek State Park.

The Sheriff’s Office declined to comment further on the matter Monday.

Major Chris Clark said the agency is working to learn more details about what happened and would release information when the office is able to.

The Springfield News-Sun has requested information including 9-1-1 calls, body camera footage, an incident report and surveillance video that may have captured the incident. The request for the public records had not been filled late Monday afternoon.

The shooting is the second Clark County deputy-involved shooting in the last two years. Clark County Deputy Jake Shaw shot news photographer Andy Grimm in New Carlisle in 2017.

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The News-Sun provided extensive coverage in 2017 when a Clark County deputy shot a news photographer in New Carlisle.