Clark-Shawnee treasurer receives award by state auditor for clean financial audit

Clark-Shawnee Local School District’s treasurer received the Auditor of State Award for a clean financial audit for the 10th year.

Treasurer Tom Faulkner was presented the award by Auditor of State Keith Faber on Tuesday after his office found no discrepancies in the 2021 fiscal year financial records, which runs from July 2020 through June 2021, according to the district.

A financial audit is conducted by the state on the district’s financial procedures, statements and records each year, and the state auditor’s office recognizes entities that meet the specific criteria during those audits.

“A clean audit demonstrates to taxpayers that we, as a district, are taking care of their money and using it wisely each day,” Faulkner said. “As the Clark-Shawnee Treasurer, I value a clean audit because I want our community and our staff to know that they are in good hands financially.”

Maintaining good books and records is a team sport that requires an exceptional staff and school board, Faber said.

“We audit over 6,000 entities and recognize only 8.5% of them with this award each year,” Faber said.

Although the award is presented to the treasurer, Faulkner said each position in the district plays a role in earning a clean audit.

“The district has earned this award and I am thankful for the effort of each administrator, support staff, and teacher who has made this possible,” he said. “Clean audits show the public that the district is organized, transparent, and trustworthy... This award brings credence to that through the State Office.”

Along with reviewing financial records, an audit also examines public records, vendor contracts, assets, accounts payable, payroll, attendance reports, student activities, scholarships, use of grants and federal dollars, and more.

Superintendent Brian Kuhn said Faulkner and his team do an outstanding job with taxpayer dollars, and the award reinforces the accuracy and credibility the treasurer’s department operates.

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