Springfield street sweeping to continue for next 3 months

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Residents can expect to see ‘no parking’ signs during completion of work.

Springfield has started its annual street sweeping program this week and it is expected to continue for the next three months.

Sweepers will begin work in the Innisfallen Avenue area and will move counter-clockwise throughout city neighborhoods for the remainder of the program that is expected to wrap up in July.

The city will be using an outside vendor for that work and has contracted with Dayton Sweeping Service, Inc. As part of the program, only one side of a street will be swept per day. Springfield officials say that will allow residents to park on the opposite side of the street during that work.

“No parking” signs will be posted on alternate sides of streets one day prior to the sweeping of streets, and illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed, a news release from the city stated.

“The cooperation of residents in moving their vehicles so sweepers can do a complete job of sweeping will be appreciated,” the release said.

Residents are also advised there will be multiple sweepers or sweeping passes on the day posted. Inclement weather can postpone street sweeping, making it necessary for parking restrictions to be reposted.

In addition to contracted sweeping, city crews operate two street sweepers throughout the year. However, those are primarily used on highly traveled streets where litter and pollution are the greatest and parking restrictions are not necessary.

City officials said that in total, the annual street sweeping program removes more than 600 tons of debris from city streets.

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