Springfield schools to expand tutoring services

Springfield City Schools is expanding its tutoring services though an Ohio Department of Education (ODE) program.

The district was awarded 172 virtual tutoring spots for selected fourth grade students to help with their literacy skills.

“This is a great opportunity for our students to receive valuable literacy tutoring that has shown measurable results,” said Craig Myers, executive director of Instructional Innovation. “We look forward to seeing the growth that our elementary students will exhibit using this program and how it will affect their educational trajectory moving forward.”

The tutoring services are provided through Amplify Tutoring and available for the current school year beginning later this fall. Tutors will virtually engage with students in three, 30-minute sessions per week.

Amplify Tutoring is a “high-impact tutoring program that complement the efforts of K–6 students, educators, and families in building reading proficiency and confidence,” which is the district’s goal in requesting the extra services.

The tutoring will also provide students with research-based lessons, progress mentoring and sessions that will take place at times selected by the school and do not interfere with core instruction.

The tutoring services are no cost to the district and were requested through ODE.

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