New members elected to Northwestern, 2 other Clark school boards

New members won election to three Clark County school boards in Tuesday’s election, including the Northwestern, Northeastern and Southeastern Local School Districts.

Write-ins Matthew Cox and Eric Benjamin Renegar were the top vote-getters for the two Northwestern Board of Education seats, according to unofficial results from the Clark County Board of Elections. David E. Aills, Jr. also ran.

The three were write-in candidates, as no one filed petitions to be on the ballot and the two incumbent board members, Joe Tedeschi and Karen Elder, did not seek re-election.

Cox led the race with 432 votes, followed by Renegar with 230 votes, and Aills with 223 votes, according to the Clark County Board of Elections. Results are not yet certified; provisional ballots and any mail-in ballots received in time would be added to the count.

Cox said he is blessed to be one of the next board members.

“Thank you for all the kind words, encouragement and faith from the Northwestern community and beyond,” he said. “As I stated before, actions speak louder than words. Together we can build an atmosphere where our children can thrive, and staff feel valued and proud to work at Northwestern.”

Renegar said he was honored to accept the position on the board.

“I am committed to serving our community and ensuring our schools provide a top-tier educational experience,” he said. “I look forward to working collaboratively to address the challenges ahead and celebrate our success together.”

Other districts that had contested races included Northeastern and Southeastern.

At Northeastern schools, Black Shaffer and Jacqueline Allison Gray were elected to the board. Shaffer had the highest votes with 39.53%, followed by Gray with 31.75%.

Jim McNamee, with 17.62%, and Jeff Caivano, with 11.10%, were also on the ballot.

At Southeastern, Kimberly K. Owens, Jeff E. Banion and David M. Farrell were elected to the board. Owens had the highest votes with 27.93%, followed by Banion with 21.75%, then Farrell with 19.24%.

Greg Flax, with 18.72%, and Shawn E. Jackson, with 12.36%, were also on the ballot.

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