Springfield woman shot at gas station Sunday morning was a bystander

Springfield police are investigating a Sunday morning incident where a bystander was shot.

Law enforcement officers were called to the Springfield Regional Medical Center at around 4:25 a.m Sunday morning and spoke to a woman in a hospital room for trauma patients, according to a police report. There, police were told the woman was out with family and friends Saturday night into Sunday morning before she went to LoCost Gas Station at 1053 Selma Road to buy cigarettes, the report says.

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“(The woman) stated that when they arrived at the gas station there was a group of males and females standing outside the gas station arguing with one another,” the police report says. “She stated that she went to walk inside of the gas station but heard a gunshot. She stated that she ran back to her sister’s vehicle and she felt blood dripping down her leg.”

The woman said she looked down and saw that she was shot, according to the police report. She was taken to the hospital at that time, the report says.

“(The victim) advised that she saw someone run to a silver SUV, believed to be a Tahoe, but she was not sure if they were involved in the incident or just a bystander,” the report says. “She had a wound to her left leg with an entrance and exit wound.”

Police interviewed the victim’s friends and family who were there with her individually, according to the report, and each were able to confirm the exact details that the victim told the police.

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Photo’s of the woman’s injuries were taken by police. The police report says the woman was treated and released from the hospital.

“No charges have been filed at this time due to lack of evidence and suspect information,” the report says.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact police.

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