Springfield teens sentenced in attempted armed robbery case

Clark County Juvenile Court building. Bill Lackey/Staff
Clark County Juvenile Court building. Bill Lackey/Staff

Two teens involved in a June robbery were sentenced today on aggravated robbery-related charges in Clark County Juvenile Court.

The 16-year-old was sentenced to completion of a program at Miami Valley Juvenile Rehabilitation Center and the 14-year-old was sentenced to three years at the Department Youth Services.

Springfield police said the teens set up a meeting with a man under the guise that they wanted to sell him a phone. The three met up in the parking lot of Fulton Elementary School on June 25.

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The man allegedly checked that the phone worked and then went to his truck to get the money, according to a police report. When the man returned from his vehicle with the money, the 14-year-old allegedly brandished a firearm.

“During the robbery, (the 14-year-old) pulled the trigger attempting to shoot the victim,” a Springfield police report said. “The gun failed to fire because it was loaded with the wrong caliber of ammunition. The gun was located with a 9mm round stuck in the chamber.”

The teens then tried to run away; however, the man hit the 14-year-old with his truck, according to the report. Springfield police arrested both teens the same day of the robbery.

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The 14-year-old was originally charged with attempted murder and other charges. The attempted murder charge was dismissed and the teen admitted to an aggravated robbery charge, the court confirmed in an email.

The 16-year-old was initially charged with complicity to attempted murder in addition to complicity to aggravated robbery. Both charges had gun specifications.

The complicity to attempted murder charge was dismissed for the 16-year-old, and he admitted to a charge of complicity aggravated robbery.