Springfield man caught with 240 grams of cocaine sentenced to 18 years

A Springfield man was convicted of dealing cocaine this week and was sentenced to 18 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.

A Clark County Common Pleas Court jury found Casey Stoermer guilty of multiple charges, including trafficking cocaine and having a weapon under disability. He was accused of having about 240 grams of cocaine in his possession.

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“Justice was served and it’s always good to get a kilo-level dealer off the streets,” Clark County Assistant Prosecutor Ryan Saunders said.

The case started when police executed a search warrant at a home on West Parkwood Avenue in Springfield, Saunders said. He said $3,000, a gun, and cocaine were found in the house. More money, scales and drugs were also found in an SUV.

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“He’s been in prison on and off for the last 10 years for drug offenses,” Saunders said.

Stoermer’s attorney, Samuel Latham, didn’t return a phone call from the Springfield News-Sun seeking comment for this article.

A Clark County jury found Stoermer guilty on all counts in about three hours. They also found that the gun, the SUV and the money were used or related to drug dealing.

Stoermer had a lot of cocaine on him at the time of the search warrant, Saunders said. Typically users of the drug have a gram or so on them at any given time, the prosecutor said. Stoermer had 240 grams, which Saunders said could have affected hundreds of people if he wasn’t caught.

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“The amount of cocaine could be distributed to at least 100 people but that can be stretched up to 200 or 300 people,” Saunders said.

There were plea negotiations leading up to the trial but after a judge rejected a defense motion to suppress evidence, Saunders said those talks stopped.

“There were no deals after that,” Saunders said. “We were prepared to go forth with the indicted charges.”


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