Springfield man accused of ‘violently’ shaking puppy, snapping its neck

A Springfield man is accused of shaking a puppy so violently that he snapped the dog’s neck, according to court records.

Lorenzo Williams, 36, is charged in Clark County Municipal Court with theft and cruelty to animals. Williams was supposed to be in court on Wednesday morning, however, he did not show and court records indicate a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

A court affidavit says he told authorities the dog is fine and with a family member, but failed to give law enforcement an address where they could check on the welfare of the animal.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office began their investigation Aug. 23 when they were contacted by Springfield Police that a woman wanted to report a crime, according to an affidavit filed with the charges.

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“When (the reporting person) was explaining the events that occurred she was very emotional, especially when talking about her dog, Bandit,” the affidavit says. “She stated that when Lorenzo refused to return her to her daughter’s house for the night that she grabbed Bandit and started to leave the property. As she was walking away she had Bandit in her left hand/arm. Lorenzo then snatched Bandit out of her hand and shook him violently.”

The woman told deputies “he shook Bandit so violently that he was yelping and then all of a sudden the dog quit yelping and she heard nothing.”

It was at that time the woman was able to contact his mother, according to the affidavit. The woman said she and his mother tried to find him and the dog.

“(The mother) came out of the house and asked Lorenzo ‘where is her puppy, you better not have hurt him,’” the affidavit says.

Williams came out of neighbors yard and over a fence with the dog, the affidavit says.

“(The woman) asked Lorenzo to give her the puppy to which he replied ‘I snapped his neck.’ (The woman) told Lorenzo that she was calling the police and he took off on foot,” the affidavit says.

About 20 minutes later Williams returned and told the woman that he did snap the dog’s neck and that he left it for the wolves/coyotes to eat. The woman has not seen Bandit since, the affidavit says.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office launched their investigation into the case after the report and was able to contact Williams. He told authorities that the dog was fine and that he had taken it to his aunt’s.

“I asked for the address so I could follow up with her and check the welfare of the dog,” the affidavit says. “While asking for this information he became agitated.”

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The deputy told Williams that he needed to share the information so the dog can be located, the affidavit says and that he had until Sept. 3 to share the location. However, that information has not been forthcoming, the deputy said.

“He blocked my phone number from his phone so I then contacted his mother,” the affidavit says.” She said her son’s number had not changed and that she would let him know the deputy was looking for him.

The deputy said Williams has not made contact since.

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