Springfield man accused of striking woman after fast food argument

Bobby J. Reynolds
Bobby J. Reynolds

A Springfield man accused of hitting and biting a woman he knows because she wouldn’t stop to pick up fast food was arrested last weekend, according to a police report.

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Bobby J. Reynolds, 1224 Texas Ave., is facing one count of domestic violence. He appeared in the Clark County Municipal Court on Sunday.

The woman and Reynolds were driving home from a bar early Saturday night when he asked her to drive down East Main Street in order for them to pick up fast food. He became upset when he discovered some of the restaurants nearby were closed and the woman had then decided to drive home. Reynolds began punching the car as she parked on Kenton Street.

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As they pulled to the curb, Reynolds went to the other side of the vehicle and began punching the woman in the head with a closed fist several times, the report said.

The woman began fighting back and got away from Reynolds by throwing the car keys in the street as she began yelling for help, the report said.

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Reynolds got the keys and attempted to get back into the car to drive, but the woman began fighting again. He then bit her in the right arm, the report said, but she was able to get the keys and drive to a family member’s home nearby where she called police, the report said.

Reynolds was placed in the Clark County Jail.


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