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Springfield man accused of kidnapping woman, leading police on chase

A Springfield man is accused of grabbing and throwing a woman into his car and then leading police on a chase that reached more than 100 miles per hour.

Jamar Hayes, 22, was arrested by Springfield police Sunday and booked into the Clark County Jail on abduction, domestic violence, assault, and failure to comply charges, according to a Springfield police incident report.

Police began their investigation when they were called by a neighbor on South Light Street because a man was forcing a woman into his car, according to the report.

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“(The witness) stated the female was screaming ‘I don’t want to go,’” the report says.

Officers were able to catch up to the vehicle on West Pleasant Street close to Yellow Springs Street and using the witnesses’ description, was able to identify the man and woman, the report says.

“Officers got behind the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop,” the report says. “Mr. Hayes failed to pull over and passed the vehicle in front of him by going left of center.”

Officers said Hayes ran red lights and continued to pass vehicles by going left of center and got to speeds more than 100 miles per hour. Eventually, according to the report, Hayes turned onto Possum Road where he almost hit a truck.

“At this point, the front right tire of Mr. Hayes vehicle blew out,” the report says. “Mr. Hayes then turned into Shawnee High School where he jumped out of the car and ran.”

Officers were able to catch up to him and make an arrest, the report says.

The woman told officers that she feared for her life during the chase, the report says. She told police the incident began when he suspected her of talking with another man on the phone, according to the report.

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She said he forced her into the car with him, according to the report, adding that she tried to run away but he caught her, picked up her and took her to his vehicle.

“(She) stated she was grabbing onto bushes to prevent Mr. Hayes from taking her away,” the report says.

Hayes hasn’t had an arraignment hearing on the charges.