Springfield man accused of bruising 2-year-old girl

William Williams

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William Williams

A man is accused of hitting a 2-year-old and leaving several bruises on her back, butt and on the front of her left shoulder.

William Williams, 22, is charged in Clark County Municipal Court with domestic violence and assault in connection to an incident that took place in January. He was due in court today.

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Springfield police said in January that they spoke with the mother of the child and a witness who told them they left the child with Williams and when they returned home were informed by Williams that the child was “spanked.”

“Mr. Williams advised them when they walked into door that he had spanked (the child) due to she took off her diaper,” a police affidavit says. “He advised that she might have bruises.”

But when the women took the child for a bath, they allegedly found extensive bruising and called police, according to court records. The child was taken to a hospital by medics.


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