Prosecutors: Springfield baby was neglected before he died

A new court filing says prosecutors believe two Springfield parents omitted to care for a 21-month-old before the baby’s death.

The father of the child, Brandon Beedy, 33, and the child’s mother, Caitlyn Heinzen, 27, are charged with involuntary manslaughter and endangering children in Clark County Common Pleas Court in the death of Camden Beedy.

They have both pleaded not guilty.

Springfield police began their investigation on Jan 12 when they were called to a home on the 1900 block of Kenton Street at around 6 p.m. for a report a baby had died.

The person reporting the incident to police found the baby unresponsive in his crib, according to the report.

The baby is described in the police report as a 35-pound male with brown hair and blue eyes. The report is listed as a dead-on-arrival, unspecified death case.

A bill of particulars filed in the cases by Clark County Assistant Prosecutor Aaron Heskett alleges the parents didn’t take care of the child’s well being.

“Brandon Beedy and Caitlyn Heinzen did create a substantial risk to the health and safety of their 21-month-old child Camden Beedy by violating their duty of care, protection or support to him and that did cause his death,” the document says. “Specifically, defendants did leave their child unattended in a crib in their home at 1991 Kenton St. where they omitted to care for him for an unjustifiable extended period of time causing him to die from dehydration.”

The prosecutors also filed their witness list. They said they could call five Springfield police officers, a Springfield firefighter, a Clark County Job and Family Service employee, representatives from the Clark County and Montgomery County Coroner’s Offices and a forensic toxicologist at Forensic Fluids Laboratories in Kalamazoo Magician.

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The cases have a trial date for Monday, according to court documents, but that is unlikely to take place. A motion filed by Heinzen’s defense attorney, Charles Ricketts, asks the court to continue the trial because he is still waiting for evidence of his own.

“Defendant’s attorney has requested and is waiting for vital information from Kent E. Harshbarger MD, the forensic pathologist who did the postmortem examination of Camden Beedy. This information is vital with regard to defendant’s case.”

The motion also says Ricketts just completed a different trial that took most of his attention, and notes that defense attorney Griff Nowiki, who is Beedy’s lawyer, already is scheduled for a jury trial in a different court on July 8.

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