Man injured in earlier Springfield fight arrested for assault at hospital

Jeremy Heath Carmichael
Jeremy Heath Carmichael



A Springfield man being treated at a Dayton hospital after a fight earlier this week was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend on Thursday.

Jeremy Heath Carmichael, 33, was arrested Thursday after reportedly assaulting his girlfriend at Miami Valley Hospital where he was being treated for stab injuries from the earlier fight, according to a Dayton police report.

Dayton police responded around 2 p.m. to the hospital on an assault after security took him into custody.

When officers arrived, Miami Valley Hospital security told them they got a statement from the victim that said she was at the hospital with Carmichael when they started arguing.

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“He was very moody and she (the victim) walked out of the room and sat in the lobby for a few. She went back in the room to get him ready for discharge and he started to argue,” the report says.

The girlfriend told police she tired to leave, but Carmichael blocked her from doing so before he hit her in the head two times.

Carmichael was arrested on domestic violent charges and booked into the Montgomery County Jail.

On Tuesday night, Carmichael and another man ended up in the hospital after a fight on Sunset Avenue in Springfield.

Springfield police and medic units responded around 9 p.m. to the 900 block on two separate reports of a person in a vehicle beaten with a golf club or baseball bat and an unknown male sitting in an SUV unresponsive from an assault, according to the police reports.

When crews arrived, they found a man “laying in the parking lot, curled up on his side complaining of pain all over” and “suffering from a head wound from a fight in the parking lot.”

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“(The man) stated that he was in a fight earlier with some unknown people who returned back with a bottle,” the report says. “The two got into a verbal argument and then the group attacked him for an unknown reason.”

The victim was taken to Springfield Regional Medical Center for his injuries suffered during the fight.

Officers were also told that another male involved in the fight, later identified as Carmichael, was taken from the scene in an unknown SUV.

After arriving at SRMH , “(the victim) recognized his alleged assailant outside who was at Springfield Regional Medical Center to be treated for multiple stab wounds.”

While at the hospital, officers spoke with a witness “who stated that (the victim) stabbed her boyfriend (Carmichael) multiple times in the parking lot of the scene.”

She also told police she “loaded” Carmichael in her SUV and took him to to the hospital due to him bleeding heavily from multiple stab wounds to his chest, arms and back.

He was later transferred from Springfield Regional Medical Center to Miami Valley Hospital for serious stab wounds to his side and back.

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The witness then told officers where she parked and that the knife used in the assault to stab Carmichael was still inside the SUV.

“Officers then responded to the vehicle and located the knife used in the assault on the passenger side floor board,” the report says. “Blood was also witnessed on the passenger side seat, door and floor board.”

No arrests were made in this assault and police are continuing the investigation.