Clark County sheriff’s sale of items seized from criminals raises $47K

An auction organized by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office earlier this month was expected to raise about $5,000 but earned nearly $47,000.

The sheriff’s office auctioned off several unclaimed items from its property room, ranging from lawn equipment to jewelry. Some of the items had been there for decades, Sheriff Deb Burchett said. Many of the items up for bid were seized from drug dealers, Burchett previously told the Springfield News-Sun

The items sold were used as evidence but released by the courts, she said. If the property clerks can’t locate an owner, the items go back into the property room.

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“We wanted to clear out the property room,” she said.

The auction was held Saturday, Oct. 7. Everything from chainsaws to tennis shoes to cars were available to purchase, even a miniature paddy wagon.

She expected to raise between $5,000 to $10,000, Burchett said.

“We were really shocked,” she said. “We had probably over 400 people at the auction.”

It was so successful, she said the sheriff’s office plans to hold another auction in the spring. At that auction, there might be houses up for auction, she said.

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The sheriff’s office doesn’t get to keep all of the money raised from the auction.

“Some of it will go to the (Clark County) prosecutor’s office,” Burchett said.

What the sheriff’s office can keep, she said will go into its drug forfeitures fund.

She’d like to purchase more vehicles and get new cameras in the jail. The money could also go toward off-setting any future budget cuts if the sheriff’s office budget is tightened as the county faces some funding cuts in a few years.

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