U.S. Postal Service looking to fill hundreds of positions in SW Ohio



The United States Postal Service is continuing to host expansive, regional job fairs this month in an effort to bolster its workforce and fill hundreds of positions in southwest Ohio.

This week in Cincinnati, the USPS is hosting its fifth and sixth hiring events of the past two weeks to fill a void of city mail carriers for the organization. Thursday’s coordinated event, which ran from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., had 17 Cincinnati USPS offices hosting job fairs with a strict focus on hiring more city mail carriers.

A further hiring event is scheduled for today at the Cincinnati Post Office from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The USPS said more than 200 full-time city carrier positions are immediately available in Cincinnati alone. All 17 post offices are offering a starting wage of $21.19 an hour, along with retirement plans and federal benefits, including healthcare.

Regarding the need for so many hiring events, Ohio’s USPS spokesperson Naddia Dhalai said, “As people retire, transfer, get promoted etc., more positions become available.”

“Hiring events have been very successful because potential applicants get to speak to hiring personnel,” Dhalai said. “They learn about the positions and how to navigate the application portal.”

Dhalai said that while not all USPS positions are immediately full-time, all USPS jobs eventually can become full-time positions “...usually within a year.”

In Dayton, where the USPS has hosted a job fair each Friday this month, the hiring initiatives are focused on both full-time mail carriers and support staff. The USPS said this Friday’s event is to recruit city carrier assistants and postal support employees, at $18.92 and $18.69 an hour, respectively.

The USPS is seeking more employees elsewhere in the state, too. According to Dhalai, there are 160 positions in Columbus that need to be filled, including “...letter carriers, mail handlers, clerks, tractor trailer operators.”

In Cleveland, the USPS released an advert that said over 300 USPS positions were available via a “drive-thru job fair” this Sunday. Positions to be filled include mail handler assistants, city carrier assistants, postal support employees, tractor trailer operators and automotive technicians; starting wages range from $17.32 to $27.52 an hour.

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