These 22 people were indicted in Clark County

Twenty-two people were indicted this week in Clark County Common Pleas Court with the following charges:

Dylan M. Potter, 30, of Springfield: Improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle.

Francisco J.A. Hernendez, 29, of Springfield: Strangulation, domestic violence, disrupting public service.

Dennis Raver, 49, of Springfield: Receiving stolen property.

Robert Preston, 33, of Springfield: Aggravated burglary.

Christopher S. Maynard Sr., 35, of Springfield: Domestic violence, disrupting public service.

Brandon I. Rumph, 36, of Englewood: Improper handling of firearms.

Dominique L. Wingo, 32, of Springfield: Possession of cocaine.

Danielle R. Owens, 46, of Urbana: Aggravated possession of drugs.

James T. Allen, 51: Robbery, burglary, disrupting public service.

Juan R. Hendricks, 42, of Springfield: Aggravated possession of drugs.

Talon J. Mattox, 39, of Springfield: Possession of cocaine.

Tiffany Dobson, 34, of Springfield: Having weapons while under disability.

Brian K. Callison, 45, of Springfield: Breaking-and-entering.

Kenneth A. Ackley III, 36, of Springfield: Breaking-and-entering.

Jayden Johnson, 19, of Springfield: Aggravated robbery.

Chad A. King, 46, of Springfield: Theft.

Brianna M. Johnson, 44, of Springfield: Receiving stolen property.

Frederick S. Stokes, 50, of Marysville: Robbery.

Delbert Adams, 65: Theft.

William Bono Jr., 45, of Springfield: Obstructing official business.

Larese R. Watkins, 51: Obstructing official business.

Adam Humphreys, 18, of Springfield: Attempted rape, kidnapping, strangulation.

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