These 13 people were indicted in Clark County

These 13 people were indicted in Clark County Court of Common Pleas cases:

Shawn A. Fair, 48, of Gahanna: aggravated possession of drugs, possession of fentanyl-related compound.

Teresa Davis, 40, of Springfield: possession of cocaine, aggravated possession of drugs.

Daniel W. Jones, 31, at large: two counts of receiving stolen property.

Jonathan Moore, 43, of Troy: aggravated possession of drugs.

Alicia D. Crawford, 55, of Springfield: aggravated possession of drugs.

Allan D. E. Riggins, 23, of Springfield: trafficking of marijuana, possession of criminal tools.

Samuel J. Mosley, 41, of Springfield: two counts of having weapons under disability, improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle, trafficking in fentanyl-related compound, possession of fentanyl-related compound, aggravated trafficking in drugs, aggravated possession of drugs.

Robert Seagraves Jr., 40, at large: possession of cocaine.

Rashaad J. Channels, 18, of Springfield: CCW, improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle.

Christopher D. Bailey, 44, of Springfield: abduction, kidnapping, felonious assault.

Michael D. Simms, 35, of Springfield: illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse on the grounds of a specified governmental facility, possession of a fentanyl-related compound, possession of cocaine.

Joshua D. Elliott, 19, of Springfield: menacing by stalking, importuning.

Jeffrey L. Cameron, 26, of Springfield: two counts of felonious assault, two counts of domestic violence, having weapons under disability, abduction.

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