TAC analyst helps individuals with disabilities get all benefits available

A key position at The Abilities Connection (TAC) is working to ensure individuals with disabilities and their caretakers receive all of the resources and assistance available to them.

Christine Fasick is the organization’s benefits analyst with more than 10 years of experience in benefits service. She connects individuals receiving Social Security benefits to financial and government benefits available to them, such as Medicaid, EBT Food Stamps and services from other financial relief programs.

“Connecting people with these resources gives their caregivers and main income providers a sense of security and relieves them of certain concerns for their loved ones,” Fasick said. “Although the referral process can be lengthy, it is worth the time and effort to help ensure individuals have the services they need and a certain rate of pay for which they qualify.”

Fasick helps people fill out the paperwork and forms to receive benefits, and she works with parents and caregivers of those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance through the referral process.

This process is in collaboration with service and support administrators from Developmental Disabilities of Clark County and their primary contacts at TAC, including Habilitation Manager Kevin Spriggs, who also provides necessary resources to complete the initial employment setup.

Fasick also helps to alleviate the fears many caregivers may have about whether a new job or promotion will negatively impact someone’s benefits.

“A lot of individuals decide not to take a new job or promotion because they worry a small pay increase will eliminate the benefits they receive,” Fasick said. “By going through this process, a person who receives these benefits and their caregivers will be made fully aware of any impact a change in pay will have on their benefits.”

Fasick helps inform individuals how to receive new or additional benefits through their employment, which is just one of the many things that TAC offers people with disabilities.

“Working in the community is a significant opportunity and enhances a person’s quality of life and allows them to be self-sufficient,” she said. “TAC cares not only about the work experience and social and behavioral development, but also that individuals are taken care of and set up for success for life beyond TAC.”

People who receive Social Security benefits, regardless if they are receiving services from TAC, interested in learning more about how a benefits analysis can help them or those they care for can contact Kevin Spriggs at 937-525-7487 or kspriggs@tacind.com.

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