Student of the Week Northwestern High School

Name: Joshua Reno

School: Northwestern High School

Grade: 12

Age: 17

Extra-curricular: FFA, National Honors Society, YoungLife, and Baseball

Claim to fame/honors: Jan Van Gorder Scholar

Words you live by: “It’s not what you’re capable of, it’s what you’re willing to do.”- Mike Tomlin

Toughest challenge: Deciding where to go to college

Biggest influence: My family

School-day rituals: Most of the time I forget to plug my phone in to the aux, so I drive to school in silence.

What’s on your bedroom walls: A shelf with bobbleheads

When I’m bored I like to ... watch Netflix

Favorite movie: Star Wars

Person who would play you in a movie: Will Farrell

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite musical artist: Kanye West

Favorite book: The Cost of Discipleship

Favorite home-cooked meal: Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

Favorite restaurant: Skyline Chili

Whose mind would you like to read: Mike Tomlin

Place where you’d love to travel: The Grand Canyon

Talent you’d like to have: Being able to juggle

Favorite school subject: History

Favorite athlete: T.J. Watt

Favorite team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Something in the world I’d like to change: Everyone should have access to clean air and water.

Favorite high school moment: Playing a baseball game at Fifth Third Field

Favorite junk food: M&Ms

Best thing about high school: Making memories with friends

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