Springfield skate rink works on repairs after pipe break causes closure

A skating rink in Springfield is working to reopen after damage from cold weather caused it to close at the end of last year.

USA Skate Center, located at 2340 Valley Loop Road, was forced to close on Christmas day last year because of freezing temperatures that caused the pipes to break.

“During Christmas the -10 temperatures caused the pipes to freeze and burst,” said owners Rob and Tara Patterson. “(It) flooded the entire building and caused over $300,000 in damages, including needing a new wood skate floor, which we are replacing.”

Patterson said basically everything in the center will either be new or updated, including the wooden floor that had been there since the rink opened in the 1970s.

The center took to Facebook recently to thank community members for their support, let them know the damage was substantial and will take a while to get finished, as well as share a video of someone skating on the water-damaged wooden floor for the last time.

The center was first built in the mid-1970s by United Skates of American, then purchased by Andre and Pam Brand in the 80s, later being sold to its current owners Rob and Tara Patterson in 2004.

It’s unknown when the center will reopen as work continues to repair the damage, but it will be at least a couple of months.

To stay updated or for more information, visit the center’s Facebook page.

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