Ohio coronavirus levels update coming today: What could change?

The state will do its weekly update of the coronavirus advisory map by county today, with observers watching for the fate of Level 4 purple counties (if they move down to Level 3), if any move up to Level 4 (only possible for Cuyahoga and Fairfield) and if any in the area are added to the “watch list” for Level 4.

The image above shows the changing map, from Level 1 (yellow) to Level 4 (purple) in the past nine weeks, from Oct. 8 to Dec. 3. It shows the big increase in red counties and the introduction of purple counties for the first time three weeks ago.

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Montgomery County is the only one in the region that is purple, a level that includes a recommendation to only leave home for supplies and services. All other counties in he region are red, which indicates a “vey high exposure and spread.”

To move to Level 4, a county must first be on the “watch list,” which means it is Level 3 with a warning that if conditions don’t improve it will move to Level 4. There are no area counties that are on the “watch list.” Only Cuyahoga and Fairfield counties are on the list in Ohio.

Three counties in the region — Clermont, Hamilton and Warren — were on the “watch list” last week, but they were removed from that list in last week’s update.