Northeastern works on demolition of former high schools

The district is also finishing the auctions of two former elementary school buildings.

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Northeastern Local School District is in the process of abating and demolishing the former Northeastern and Kenton Ridge high school buildings as well as finishing the auctions of the former Northridge and Rolling Hills Elementary School buildings.

“The Northeastern Local School District wants to keep our community updated on the changes to its property portfolio, including the most recent developments surrounding the status of our former school buildings and the undertaking of a new Northeastern athletic complex,” said Superintendent John Kronour.

The former Northeastern High School will be abated and demolished, pending final approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Kenton Ridge High School is also slated for abatement and demolition.

Once the district is “given the green light” from the EPA for the removal of Northeastern, they plan to coordinate the demolitions to “streamline the process” of bidding the two buildings together.

A new Northeastern Athletic Complex will then be built on the property of the former Northeastern High School, where the current football, soccer, baseball, and softball fields and tennis courts are located.

“This new athletic complex promises to enhance sporting opportunities for our student-athletes,” Kronour said.

The district has also had the former Northridge and Rolling Hills Elementary School buildings up for auction at since the beginning of this month. The auctions were scheduled to end at 5 and 5:30 p.m. on Friday.

Rolling Hills, located at 2613 Moorefield Road, is a 52,428-square-foot school building with 29.39 acres of land. It was originally constructed in 1974 with additions in 1997.

There were 68 bids on this building, and the bid price was $355,000 as of Friday afternoon.

Northridge, located at 4445 Ridgewood Road E., is a 75,454-square-foot school building on 29.49 acres of land. The one-story school was originally constructed in 1961.

There were 27 bids on this building, and the bid price was $360,000 as of Friday afternoon.

If the two building don’t sell, the district is prepared to abate and demolish them, “potentially combining these efforts with those for Northeastern and Kenton Ridge High Schools,” Kronour said.

The Board of Education also approved at its September meeting a plan to relocate the Central Office to the Annex facility on Bosart Road, the house previously used as a construction office for the Kenton Ridge PreK-12 building. The move is scheduled for sometime next year after the property is renovated to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and function as a business office.

“Northeastern is committed to managing its property assets effectively and ensuring the best use and most fiscally responsible option for our students, community and taxpayers,” Kronour said.

To keep up with information or updates, visit the district’s website.

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