New restaurant brings Indian cuisine to Springfield

A new Springfield restaurant is making it easier for local diners to satisfy their desire for Indian cuisine.

The restaurant, Harris Bar & Grill, officially opened mid-March inside the Quality Inn at 383 East Leffel Lane.

“We try to meet a need for the community. We took a risk, by opening the restaurant,” said operations manager Deepak Gajmer.

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The pandemic was not the easiest time to start the restaurant, said Gajmer.

“It’s been just two months since we started. It’s a tough time, right? The world is suffering, businesses are shutting down, or decreasing hours of operation. Thing is, no matter what happens, the food industry will always be there, because people have to live, people have to eat,” he said.

Gajmer aims to provide quality food and service, despite the conditions.

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“The main thing is we want to focus on the quality of the food and providing the best service to customers. It’s a tough time, but we are not concerned for that. Everyone has to go through that, the struggle, but we are still trying to do our best.”

The restaurant’s menu includes Indian and South Asian dishes, along with options for American meals.

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“Mainly, obviously, we focus on the Indian food, but there are options like sandwiches and wraps. The main thing is we’re trying to bring Indian food here, we hear people have to travel to Dayton, or Columbus, or Cincinnati for that. Now, the city of Springfield has their first Indian restaurant here,” said Gajmer.

Gajmer said Head Chef Tara Gaive has worked in the restaurant industry for almost 20 years.

“My chef has a lot of experience, and has been doing this for a while, so I hope that brings something too,” Gajmer said.

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He hopes to grow the business as it is, and is grateful for the community response.

“The hardest part of the pandemic is it, well, it’s still here. We are trying to come together, to make this work, and it takes time. We do have people in the community, people who say, ‘We need to have you guys here,’ or ‘We will not let you go away from here,’ and that makes us strong,” said Gajmer.

For information, visit the Harris Bar & Grill Facebook page.

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