New Carlisle ranked 2nd in Ohio for healthiest housing market

The city of New Carlisle has been named the second healthiest housing marketing in the state of Ohio, according to a annual Ohio housing market study by SmartAsset.

On Aug. 5, the members of the New Carlisle staff and council found out that SmartAsset had ranked their city as second in the state.

SmartAsset is a financial technology company, founded in 2012, centered around publishing articles, guides, reviews, calculators and tools to assist people in making decisions about personal finance. The study surveyed cities and towns by evaluating homeowner and housing market factors, such as the number of years that residents remain in the same home, percentage of homes decreasing in value, and others.

“We didn’t know that we’d be in this study like this. Over the past three months, we’ve had a lot of activity with certain developers having interest in our town; we didn’t know what that was coming from, and then all of a sudden we were notified of this article being published with the scoring matrix; and it all made sense to us at that point in time,” said New Carlisle city manager Randy Bridge.

The high placement on the survey is a result of the city’s residents, according to Bridge.

“It is 100% attributed to our citizens, if you look at the scoring matrix, it’s measured by things like, ‘How many years residents remain in their homes,’ ‘Risk of homes decreasing in value,’ things like that. So when we look at a lot of those, that’s 100% meaning people want to stay in the city, usually because we have great services, and it’s a small town people would like to be a part of,” he said.

Bridge became city manager of New Carlisle in 2015, and said he worked hard to make positive changes, which he also attributes to the current high scoring in housing.

“The first thing was we had to get our finances in order, then we did street repairs, we put money into our parks. You need all that foundation, so people want to stay here, and move into your city. I think people are starting to notice that New Carlisle is changing, becoming a sought-after destination to live in,” he said.

New Carlisle placed second behind Centerville, followed by other local cities, namely Oakwood in fifth place, and Tipp City in seventh place out of the top 10.

“We’re ranked number two in the state, we’re even above Oakwood and Tipp City, that’s huge. It’s a lot of positive things from this, a lot of positive feedback from our citizens, but really when it comes down to it, no matter what municipality you’re in, you can have great administrators, good council, but it really comes down to your citizens, and these citizens are awesome over here,” said Bridge.

He took to Facebook to congratulate the city’s resident’s on their collective success as a community.

“Hats off to you the great citizens of New Carlisle and thank you for making the City of New Carlisle a regional destination to live, work, and play,” said Bridge, in a Facebook post for the city.

He says he hopes for more growth in the city, and that those outside the area will consider New Carlisle as somewhere to call home.

“We’re growing here, we’re changing, so come visit our downtown, our schools, shops. Our parks are fantastic, we’ve got housing available, and we hope to increase. I think we’re on the verge of really transitioning from the New Carlisle that the region knows, to a New Carlisle that the region needs to be introduced to,” said Bridge.

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