<b>More families are planning multiple vacations</b>


DAYTON —  Millions of people are already making plans for family vacations, according to a recent AAA survey.

More than one-third of Americans are planning to take a vacation 50 miles or more away from home.

While 70 percent of families are planning to take one or two vacations, at least 28 percent plan to take three or more marking a 13 percent increase from 2016.

The overall volume of travelers remains unchanged from last year indicating that Americans continue to prioritize traveling as a family.

“Families recognize the value of traveling as a way to bond and reconnect in today’s busy world,” said Cindy Antrican, AAA Public Affairs Manager. “The best way to wrap up a family vacation is to start planning the next one, as more and more Americans are discovering."

Road trips, about 79 percent, remain the preferred type of getaway, followed by visits to national parks, 51 percent, and 40 percent preferred theme parks.

Ten percent more families are expected to take road trips this year compared to last, despite the fact that gas prices average 47 cents higher.

The survey also showed that international destinations and ocean cruises are popular with family travelers. About 22 percent of people said they are planning to take a guided or escorted tour in 2017, a 7 percent increase over last year.

“While many Americans enjoy the flexibility of a road trip, there are some families who prefer the structure and convenience of a group tour,” Antrican said. “Many tours are specially designed for multi-generational groups, plus there’s no better way to learn about a destination than from a knowledgeable, local guide.”

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