Injured Springfield family shares story after woman accused in hit-run is indicted

A Springfield woman has been indicted by the Clark County Grand Jury on various charges relating to the hit and run outside of a bar in April.

Betty Lynne Marie Herzog, 21, was indicted on three counts of felonious assault and one count of failure to stop after an accident.

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She is accused of striking several people with her car — Amber Vollmer, 30, Joe Gohl 22, and Kaitlyn McCoy, 22 — outside of Night Owl Bar on West Main Street after midnight on April 21. Vollmer and Gohl sustained serious injuries.

Vollmer and Gohl are sister and brother. McCoy is their cousin.

The brother and sister have been recovering at home with their mother, Kelli Gohl. It’s been tough, she said. The mother said she’s no longer working because she has lost her job caring for her children and grandchildren.

“My daughter has to have another surgery this coming week. My son has to have several more,” Gohl said. “A doctor appointment here, a doctor appointment there; trying to get them back and forth considering nobody has a car. It’s hard to get them back and forth.”

Vollmer has a broken shoulder and a broken pelvic bone. Her left leg has been degloved. She has a hairline fracture from her ankle to halfway up her shin, on her right leg, as well as a broken hip and two misplaced ribs on her right side, she said.

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Joe Gohl has one leg in a halo. His bones are completely crushed and has to have bone surgery. His other leg is broken and sits with rods in it, covered in a hard cast.

Kelli Gohl and others have been working to get Joe into a nursing home to help with his care, she said. He has to have his bandages changed multiple times a day and has to have both legs propped up with pillows, his mother said.

“My son has to have somebody help him at all times because he has two broken legs. One has the halo, it is completely crushed,” Kelli Gohl said.

She would like nursing home care for both of children, but Vollmer doesn’t want to move into a nursing home.

Recovery is rough both mentally and physically, Vollmer said, but she wants to stay close to her five-year-old son and her five-month-old daughter.

“My daughter practically don’t have nothing to do with me because my mom has had to take care of her for a month. So, I just try, everyday. It’s sad even my dog. My dog acts different,” Vollmer said.

The hit and run has really affected her son. He has nightmares that he will never walk again Vollmer said.

“He told me the other day. He said, ‘My best dream, Mom, is that you will walk again.’ That’s sad. He’s five,” Vollmer said.

Now all the family can do is pray for justice.

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