How did your school do? See grades from new K-12 state report card for Clark, Champaign districts

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

State report cards released Thursday show a wide variety of data for Ohio’s K-12 public school districts, including the unveiling of a new stars rating system.

Ohio schools have not received an overall rating since 2019 because of the COVID pandemic. For 2022-23, districts received ratings on individual components of the report card without an overall rating.

The Ohio legislature changed the previous system of overall A-F grades to a 1-5 stars system, with 5 stars the highest.

All 12 Clark and Champaign County public school districts were rated overall between a 2 and 4.5, with Springfield City School District rated the lowest at 2. The highest were Champaign districts, Mechanicsburg Exempted Village Schools and West Liberty-Salem Schools, with both receiving the highest at 4.5.

Clark County’s top ratings were 4 stars for Clark-Shawnee, Greenon and Southeastern.

Northeastern Local Schools scored a 3 in all categories, except a 1 in graduation rate with a 7.3% four-year graduation rate for 2022, which reportedly is a data error officials are working to resolve.

The district previously identified a reporting issue that impacted the 2022 graduation rate and initiated communication with the ODE to address this matter. Due to this reporting issue, the graduation and gap closing ratings have been affected, which impacts the overall star rating as well.

This chart shows school district’s ratings on 1-5 stars for overall, achievement, progress, gap closing and graduation rate.

DistrictOverall RatingAchievement RatingProgress RatingGap Closing RatingGraduation Rate
West Liberty-Salem4.55355

NOTE: Northeastern is labeled with an asterisk (*) to show the district has a reporting issue under state review.

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