Greenon earns one of area’s highest overall scores on Ohio School Report Card

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Greenon Local Schools received one of the highest ratings overall and on progress among Clark County districts on the Ohio School Report Cards list.

New report card ratings released by the Ohio Department of Education last week show school districts received an overall rating based on a new 1- to 5-star rating, with 5 being the highest. An overall rating of at least 3 stars means a district or school meets state standards, according to the ODE.

“We are thrilled with the progress we have made,” said Superintendent Darrin Knapke. “The ratings accurately reflect the hard work our staff is putting in and the progress our students are making. While we acknowledge that there are still areas where we can improve, it is evident that we are heading in the right direction thanks to our staff’s collective efforts.”

Greenon was one of the local districts that had the highest in overall and progress ratings of 4 stars. The district also had a 4-star rating in gap closing and graduation rate, and a 3-star rating in achievement and early literacy.

“Our district has shown significant improvement in the progress and gap-closing categories,” Knapke said. “The progress component measures the growth of all students based on their past performances, and our progress is directly attributed to our exceptional staff and the use of data analysis to enhance instructional practices.”

The district’s performance index, which measures state test performance, increased to 76.8% in this past year’s report card compared to 74.5% last year.

When it comes to graduation rate, the district increased the overall and four-year rates. They had an overall rate of 95.9%, compared to last year’s 93%, and the four-year rate was 96.6% compared to last year’s 92.2%. The district also had a 35% for the college, career, workforce and military readiness component.

“We are excited about where Greenon stands right now in the ratings. The ratings positively impact our student’s educational goals, and I am excited to see what the future holds as we continue toward our vision of excellence in education,” Knapke said.

Compared to last year’s star-ratings, Greenon increased by 2 in progress, by 1 in gap closing and graduation rate, and stayed the same in achievement and early literacy.

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