Graham schools propose new start date

Graham Local Schools’ incoming superintendent proposed on Monday to the school board to delay the start of school to the Tuesday after Labor Day.

“I propose to delay school to Tuesday after Labor Day, Sept. 8, so prior to that we can give four days for teachers to do work with professional development and in their classrooms for reopening,” said incoming Superintendent Brad Silvus.

The extra days would also give personnel the time to have training from the health department with processes and procedures in the building, Silvus said.

“One thing I’m focused on this week is getting feedback from teachers,” Silvus said to the board. “We had a lot of feedback from teachers and from parents... now it’s just a matter of getting in there and training them so people are ready.”

Silvus said he has talked to some teachers that seem pretty open to the idea of pushing the start day back for training, but said he will be meeting with more teachers this week as well.

“We are still in good shape with the minimum requirements for Ohio,” he said. “We will be fine. We have a little bit of room, so we should be good at this point.”

Silvus said this will not change the school end date and that he plans to bring the new start date back to the school board for approval in August.

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