Graham school board forms Diversity Collaborative to address issues in district

Graham Local Schools will form a Diversity Collaborative to address the issue of diversity within the district, the school board announced in a release.

“In light of recent events, we are excited to initiate and continue an ongoing movement of critical reflection, honest conversation and respectful sharing of issues of injustice and prejudice in all forms within the school community for people of all ages,” the board stated. “Each student brings a unique perspective and contribution to us and to their education, much of which is not only due to life experience, but due to gender, race, religion, ethnicity, health, ability challenges and national origins.”

The Board of Education announced Wednesday the “immediate formation” of a Graham Local Schools Diversity Collaborative, chaired by new Superintendent Brad Silvus, for the coming year as a result of an event that took place at the end of June.

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A Black Lives Matter banner was placed on the high school fence on June 25, but the district did not receive any requests to do so from those who installed it, according to a statement from the district. The district has facility use policies and guidelines in place on the process and procedures for building use.

“The sign was removed because district policies and procedures were not properly followed and not in relation to its content,” the district stated.

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The board said they recognize and value each of their students and that they will not tolerate any behavior that does not support students and staff.

“The board believes that the Diversity Collaborative is another positive approach to equip students with knowledge and skills, and provides a voice for all district stakeholders,” said Board President Leslie Maurice.

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