Downtown Springfield Christmas tree donated by resident: ‘It has graced our yard for over two decades’

A Springfield resident donated a Christmas tree to the city of Springfield to be displayed throughout the holiday season near City Hall Plaza at Fountain Avenue and High Street.

“If you are going to lose such a beautiful tree, what a perfect way for it to grace the city," Mary Lynn Johnson, the Springfield resident who donated the tree said. “I look at it as it has graced our yard for over two decades and now it gets a chance to bring enjoyment to people downtown as they watch Christmas lights."

The tree was cut down by C&S Tree Service and was trucked into Springfield by escort Friday morning. Upon arrival, it was lifted by crane and slowly moved into place by Kapp Construction.

Johnson said the Colorado Blue Spruce has grown in her front yard on Crestview Drive for over two decades.

“Its been growing happily in Springfield for over two decades," Johnson said. "When I first bought my home it was so small that I could stand on a kitchen chair and put the Christmas lights on it.”

She said she has wanted to donate the tree to the city for several years.

“I had submitted it for the Christmas tree a couple of times, but I never sent photographs," Johnson said. "This year, I took photographs and sent them, so they could actually see what a beautiful tree it is.”

Chris Moore, the city of Springfield’s service director said that the city receives submissions throughout the year for the Christmas tree. He said they look at the shape and size of the tree and the logistics of getting the tree out of the resident’s yard.

“We always appreciative people being willing to donate a tree,” Moore said.

He confirmed that the tree will be decorative similar to previous years.

“I couldn’t be more honored," Johnson said. “Of all the years, we need every bit of fun, excitement and enjoyment we can get safely."

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