63-year-old Logan County woman guilty of shooting, killing husband

It was anger that prompted a 63-year-old woman to kill her 66-year-old husband in the kitchen of their Logan County home earlier this year, prosecutors said.

Rosalie Kennedy, of Rushsylvania, was convicted of murder and felonious assault, both with gun specifications, by a jury last week in connection with the shooting death of Gary Kennedy. She faces up to a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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“She was angry at him, we can’t say with any certainty about what exactly she was angry about,” Logan County Assistant Prosecutor Alice Robinson-Bond said of the motive for the crime.

A phone call to defense attorney Tina McFall was not returned. A date for sentencing in the case hasn’t been set.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to the couple’s home in the 8000 block of Township Road 110 in Rushsylvania in March on a report of a shooting. When they arrived, Logan County Sheriff Randy Dodds said they found Gary Kennedy dead from a gunshot wound on the kitchen floor.

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Dodds said at the time he wondered if the shooting was a result of domestic violence but that wasn’t a defense used during the trial, Robinson-Bond said.

“That was not something that the defense brought up,” Bond said of domestic violence. “It was a husband and wife altercation.”

The trial lasted throughout last week. The jury was taken to the home and then listened to a few days of testimony before making their decision. At the end, it might have been Kennedy’s own words that prompted the conviction, Robinson-Bond said.

“I believe it was the evidence gathered by law enforcement at the crime scene plus the statements that Mrs. Kennedy made that contradicted each other,” Robinson-Bond said.

The assistant prosecutor declined to go into specifics about what comments were made.

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The conviction was an example of justice being served, Robinson-Bond said.

“I was satisfied on behalf of the family,” she said.

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