Amber Lewe describes how a bullet came through the front wall of her house.

‘It was awful’: Springfield mom reacts to bullet landing close to baby

City officers are investigating a shooting in which a round went into a home where an infant was inside, according to a police report.

Springfield police were patrolling the area of West Grand Avenue when officers heard gunfire, according to a police report.

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“Shortly after hearing the shots, dispatch advised there was a call and a round went through the house,” the report says.

Amber Lewe, who lives in the house with her family, said she, her 8-month-old daughter Aubri Johnson, her daughter’s father Jon Johnson and her mother were sitting in her living room when the gunshots began.

Jon Johson was changing his daughter’s diaper and suddenly the bullet entered the home.

“A round went through the wall and debris went all over the room,” the report says. “(The man) grabbed his infant child and dove out of the room. No other rounds went through the wall.”

Lewe said she will never forget the incident.

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“It was awful and it was definitely scary,” she said. “You never know that this type of thing can happen to you and you never really know what you are going to do until that moment comes. It’s one thing shooting through a house but when you add kids to the mix it’s a whole other ball game.”

She said people need to act wiser.

“My message is: be more cautious of what you’re doing,” she said. “I’m all for gun rights and stuff but not when ignorant people have those rights. Innocent bystanders can be in the mix. Nothing was aimed at us at all, we just happened to be in the crossfire. People need to be more responsible.”

There was a bullet hole in the house, the police report says. Lewe said it was found on the mantle in the living room, close to where her mom was sitting.

“God forbid if it was to hit Aubri or my mom I would not know what to do,” she said.

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After investigating, officers also found a car that had bullet damage, the report says.

The case is still under investigation.