Troy man accused of exposing himself to kids has convictions for same act

A 60-year-old Troy man is accused of exposing himself to two juveniles outside a Graeter’s ice cream parlor in Warren County.

News Center 7's James Rider reports this is not the first time Robert W. Cost has been accused of doing something like this.

Cost was arrested for public indecency three times in a five-month period in the Columbus area, and was convicted for exposing himself, court records show.

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Capt. Shawn McKinney of the Troy Police Department offers the following advice to those who become a victim of public indecency:

“The best suggestion I would have is to call 911. To make it easier for us to identify the suspect you need to pay attention to the description of the person, clothing description or any other things that they’re wearing, if they’re in a vehicle try to get a license plate number,” he said.

What to do also depends on the situation.

“If the person is approaching you or is trying to get physical with you then you definitely need to make a scene in that fight or flight type of instinct should kick in at that point. If it’s fairly hidden or the person does it very quietly you may just want to call 911 and ignore the situation,” McKinney said.

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Cost was being held on a $75,000 bond in the Warren County Jail following the Dec. 28 incident in Deerfield Twp. He was released Friday but is due back Tuesday in Mason Municipal Court, records show.

Public indecency is a misdemeanor. However, it's elevated to a felony charge if the person has three convictions involving children.

Cost is facing a fifth-degree felony charge.

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