Suspect in SWAT standoff angry at ex-girlfriend

According to police, the suspect, identified as Anthony Marlin, assaulted a victim on Rockwell Drive on Sunday, then fled to his residence at 470 Ridgebury Drive. Police set up a perimeter around the residence and SWAT was notified, according to a release.

During the early stages of the standoff, when police were able to make contact with Marlin on the phone, Marlin said he would not come out and that he would shoot any officers that tried to get him, according to the release.

Police received information that the suspect was threatening to take a large quantity of prescription medications, and noticed he was lethargic when they last had phone contact with him. The suspect did not respond to any attempted contacts for the next six hours, according to the release.

An armored vehicle responded to the scene and a robot from Fairborn police entered the home. Officers then entered and arrested Marlin, according to the release.

Marlin faces possible charges of burglary and assault.