Springfield woman accused of not treating 3-month-old with broken leg

Gloria Hoessli appears in Clark County Municipal Court on Monday. Jeff Guerini/Staff
Gloria Hoessli appears in Clark County Municipal Court on Monday. Jeff Guerini/Staff

A Medway woman has been accused of delaying care for a 3-month-old child with a broken leg.

Gloria Hoessli, 22, pleaded not guilty to a charge of child endangering in Clark County Municipal Court on Monday. Her bond was set at $20,000.

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On Dec. 26, investigators were called to Dayton Children’s Hospital where a 3-month-old child was being treated for a broken leg and a possible old fracture, according to a report from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Hoessli allegedly told them the fracture occurred on Dec. 25 when her 2-year-old child fell on the infant, the report says, and that the old fracture probably happened in a similar way.

When the infant was hurt, Hoessli allegedly had her mother look at the injury and she thought the child was fine, the report says. An officer spoke with Hoessli’s mother and confirmed that she had checked the injury and didn’t think it was bad, according to the report.

Clark County Children’s Services had been trying to reach Hoessli because the child allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine at birth, the report says. Hoessli allegedly told officials that she had tried to return Children’s Services’ calls and assured them she hadn’t been using drugs.

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A safety plan was set up for the children involving monitoring from Hoessli’s mother, according to the report, and a follow-up meeting was scheduled for Jan. 5.

During the meeting, Hoessli allegedly revealed that the child’s injury had actually occurred on Dec. 24, two days before she brought the child into the hospital. The injury allegedly occurred while the child was being cared for by the baby’s father, a wanted fugitive.

Hoessli also allegedly told officials that she used meth the night before their meeting.

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On Friday, Jan. 19, a Clark County officer spoke with a Dayton Children’s Hospital employee who said that didn’t Hoessli allegedly show up for an appointment to assess the child’s injuries and didn’t answer the hospital’s phone calls, the report says.