Springfield police say woman attacked boyfriend, then had others call to report he was attacking her

Springfield police say while investigating a domestic violence incident, their dispatch received calls saying a man was actively beating a woman.

However, the man who was the alleged assailant couldn’t have been breaking the law at the time because he was being interviewed by them at the time of the phone calls, according to an affidavit filed in Clark County Municipal Court.

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Springfield police began their investigation when they were called to a home on East High Street at around 1 p.m. Jan. 29. There, they spoke with a man who said he was sleeping inside the home he shares with Chelsea Kitt when he woke up to her screaming and yelling.

“(The man) advised Ms. Kitt then entered their bedroom and began striking him about the head and face with a closed fist causing fresh injury to his nose,” the affidavit says.

While officers were speaking with the man, the officers say they were alerted by dispatch that two people had called telling them that the man was beating Kitt.

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“Someone claiming to be Ms. Kitt’s aunt called into dispatch claiming she could hear (the man) beating on Ms. Kitt at that moment, which was demonstrably false as (the man) was still with officers at that time,” the affidavit says. “While (the man) was still with officers a few moments after the first phone call was received by dispatch, a second person called dispatch stating Ms. Kitt had called her asking for help as she was being beaten by (the man) at that moment.”

Kitt was charged in Clark County Municipal Court with assault and domestic violence. She is due in court on Thursday.

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