Springfield mom in home full of trash, dog feces pleads guilty

A Springfield woman who was arrested in March after police alleged they found four children living in a camper littered with dog feces, trash and the smell of rancid meat has pleaded guilty.

Amanda Labounty, 34, of Springfield, was sentenced to 30 days in the Clark County Jail, all of which was suspended, after she pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of child endangerment.

CRIME: Springfield woman accused of overdosing with kids in filthy home

Springfield Police Division officers alleged they went to Labounty’s trailer in the 2300 block of West First Street on a welfare check and discovered four minors living in dirty conditions, Officer Justin Massie wrote in an affidavit.

The outside of the camper had trash around the perimeter, according to court records and a refrigerator with expired food.

“Upon observation of the freezer, we observed and smelled the odor of rancid meat,” Massie says in the affidavit.

They also noticed a strong smell of animal feces coming from inside the camper, he said.

“We observed several make-shift beds, which had dirty clothes and other miscellaneous trash and feces covering them entirely,” he says. “Upon observation of the kitchen and bathroom we noticed that neither facility was usable. The kitchen had dishes and old food on plates and filled in pots and pans. The tub and shower had clothing and other miscellaneous trash inside, making both unusable.”

The children allegedly weren’t enrolled in any school, according to police, and were taken to their grandmother’s house.

When confronted about the living conditions, police said Labounty allegedly blamed the kids for “making messes all day” and an ex-boyfriend who wasn’t at the scene.

“We observed the inside of the residence in complete disarray with trash, clothes and feces all over the residence,” Massie says in the court records.

Labounty was originally charged with four counts of child endangerment. Prosecutors dismissed two of those counts after she pleaded guilty to the other two.

She had previously bonded out of jail on $2,000 bail.


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