A jealous Springfield man threatened to stick a gun in a man’s mouth, police say

A Springfield man brandished a semi-automatic handgun, told a man he thought he might be having an affair with his girlfriend and said he was going to put the gun in his mouth, according to a police report.

An investigation is still ongoing, and no arrests have been made, according to the report.

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Police began looking into the incident when they were told by a man that he let a woman use his car to visit her boyfriend. When the car was returned Wednesday afternoon, the report says the woman’s boyfriend was with her.

“Suspect got into the (car) and took an iPhone and the vehicles keys,” the report says. “The suspect then walked up to (the victim’s) front door.”

The suspect, who was unidentified in the police report, walked into the home and brandished a “large frame semi-auto handgun, and pointed it at (the victim),” according to the report.

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“The suspect then asked (the victim) if he was sleeping with his girlfriend,” the report says. ” (The victim) told the suspect he wasn’t. The suspect told (the victim) that he was going to put the gun in his mouth. (The victim) told the suspect he wasn’t putting anything in his mouth.”

At some point, an altercation broke out during which the two men wrestled for the gun, the report says, before the victim let go. The suspect then pointed the gun at a witness, the report says.

“(The victim) has several of his small children in the home and they witnessed this incident,” the report says.

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The suspect eventually fled the scene, the report says. Police are still trying to identify the suspect, the report says.

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