Springfield man suffers serious injuries after being attacked

A Springfield man was sent to the hospital after sustaining serious injuries in a beating.

Springfield police began their investigation Monday morning when they were dispatched to Springfield Regional Medical Center, according to a police report. There, they met a man who said he was attacked.

“(The victim) stated he was in the back yard of (a home on West North Street) around 9 a.m.,” the report says. “A male known to him (only by a nickname) came into the yard. (The victim) stated he believes that (the suspect) stole his lawnmower a few days ago and started to accuse him of theft.”

The report says the suspect became upset at the accusation and pulled a knife from his pocket and threatened to kill him.

“(The victim) stated he grabbed (the suspect) and was able to wrestle the knife away from him. (The suspect) then picked up a six-inch c-clamp from the ground and started to beat him with it. (The victim) was hit in the head several times with the clamp and eventually fell to the ground.”

A c-clamp is a tool used sometimes for welding that secures metal. it is also sometimes used to secure wood.

Springfield police were able to interview a witness to the attack who said he was inside the house at the time but came out and saw the victim bleeding heavily. He said he told the suspect to leave the victim alone and the suspect fled the area.

Springfield police were not able to identify the suspect, the report says, but were able to collect evidence at the scene.

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