Springfield man indicted in connection with meth lab in child’s home

A Springfield man has been indicted after an alleged meth lab was discovered in a Lagonda Avenue home.

Joseph M. Setty, of 19 W. Clark St., faces felony charges of illegal manufacture of drugs, illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs and endangering children.

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In February a truancy officer went looking for a juvenile who had been absent from school for a “long period of time” and called police after seeing what they suspected was a meth lab. Officers found the suspected meth lab at the home in the 1100 block of Lagonda Avenue, police said.

Meth manufacturing equipment, liquid meth and drug residue were recovered from the home, police alleged. The manufacturing equipment was sent to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for disposal.

During their investigation, officers said they discovered that since March 2015 Setty had purchased 45 packages of psuedoephedrine and had attempted to buy but was stopped from purchasing another 52 packages of Psuedoephedrine.

Clark County Prosecutor Andy Wilson reports the Clark County grand jury met Monday and returned the following indictments:

Heather Nelson, 39, Cedarville: Theft, tampering with records.

Antoyne L. Brandon, 24: Felonious assault (two counts), having weapons under disability (two counts), discharge of a firearm on or near prohibited premises, tampering with evidence.

Brian E. Brown, 27, 1302 Delta Road, Apt. F: Domestic violence.

Paul E. Brown, 33, 153 Willis Avenue: Receiving stolen property.

Arthur P. Crozier, 34, 7139 Chama Trail, Enon: Aggravated burglary, breaking and entering.

Darrin Jay Pollock Jr., 26, 1605 Sunset Ave.: Aggravated possession of drugs.

Matthew Anthony Lopes Jr., 33, of Dayton: Aggravated robbery, robbery.

Adam Orndorff, 24, of Troy: Theft.