Springfield man accused of firing shot at Taco Bell, using racial slur

A Springfield man has been indicted accused of firing a gun at a Taco Bell parking lot during what authorities believe was a racially motivated incident.

Jeffrey Pigg, 21, was indicted in Clark County Common Pleas Court on charges of improper handling of firearms in motor vehicle and ethnic intimidation.

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Springfield Police began their investigation on Oct. 15 when they were called to the Taco Bell at 2149 S. Limestone St., according to an affidavit. Authorities spoke with an employee who said a man, later identified as Pigg, was in the drive-thru in a blue hatchback and began arguing with employees because he wanted to check his order while in line.

The employees said Pigg later parked in the parking lot.

“(The employee) stated she went out to the parking lot where Mr. Pigg was,” the affidavit says. “(She) stated the two began to argue and that Pigg used an ethnic slur to threaten her about her job.

The employee said Pigg then pulled out a handgun and fired the gun into the air,” the affidavit says.

Springfield Police through an investigation was able to identify Pigg as the suspect and spoke with him. Pigg said during the argument he was hit with a shoe.

“Mr. Pigg stated ‘I know I’m in the wrong,’ the affidavit says. “Mr. Pigg stated that he was checking his order in the drive-thru line because they often mess up his order. Mr. Pigg stated they told him to move, but he didn’t because no one was behind him. Mr. Pigg stated he was arguing with (an employee) about her being rude. Mr. Pigg stated the manager told him to pull around to the parking lot. Mr. Pigg stated the manager came up to his car and he stated ‘Please don’t approach my vehicle, I have a gun with me.’

“Mr. Pigg stated the manager threw her shoe and it hit the back of his car. Mr. Pigg stated the manager then threw her other shoe and it came into the window and hit him in the face. Mr. Pigg stated he had a blank round, and he fired one shot into the air from inside of his vehicle,” according to the affidavit.

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Officers arrested Pigg at the scene.

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