‘I’m numb. I’m just numb’: Family grieves Springfield man killed in motorcycle crash

Trina Brewer Lyons called her 20-year-old grandson a ‘motorhead,’ but she said he was also a wonderful kid — which makes grieving his death that much harder.

She couldn’t help but get choked up when she was talking about Tye Brewer, who was killed Wednesday afternoon in a motorcycle crash in Springfield.

“I’m numb. I’m just numb,” she said. “I went to the scene and there he laid. I couldn’t believe it.”

It’s still not clear what exactly led up to the crash that killed her grandson.

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Police said the motorcyclehit a truck near Kenton and Beacon Streets around 4:20 p.m.

Brewer Lyons said Brewer loved anything with a motor — something he inherited from his dad, who passed away about two years ago.

“Him and his daddy — motorheads. Everything was about speed. Everything was about fixing cars. Everything was about racing.”

She said one of the few bright spots in the situation is that Brewer is back with his dad in heaven, but her grieving process is still in the very early stages.

“All the time is what if? Just what if?,” she said. “I keep wanting to go back to the scene and I’m going to. I just feel like I need to be there.”

Brewer Lyons said her family is very close and will really miss Brewer — especially his twin sister. In addition to being into mechanics, Brewer Lyons said her grandson was a “sweetheart.”

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Eli West, a Kenton Street resident said he won’t be able to shake the image of the accident for a long time. West called 9-1-1 on Wednesday when he heard the collision.

He said he and a group of others ran out of their houses to see Brewer feet away from his motorcycle laying by a nearby van. While on the phone with a dispatcher, they tried to roll Brewer over.

West said Brewer was in terrible condition and wasn’t breathing.

“I just wish I could’ve done more and wish he would’ve made it through,” he said.

Brewer was pronounced dead at the scene. Both Brewer Lyons and West said Brewer was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

This news organization has reached out the Springfield Police Division for the accident report on this incident, but had not received it Thursday evening.

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