Springfield man accused of firing gun in dollar store parking lot

Nov 22, 2017
Francisco Guajardo, Jr.

A Springfield man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly fired shots at another man in the parking lot of a dollar store with a handgun that had been reported as stolen.

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Francisco Guajardo, Jr., 41, of 409 N. Race St., is charged with felonious assault, discharge of a firearm within the city limits and receiving stolen property. He plead not guilty in the Clark County Municipal Court on Tuesday. Bond was set at $20,000.

Guajardo and a woman he knows were shopping at the Family Dollar on West Main Street when the woman began arguing with another man inside the store. The man began arguing with the cashier and after he left the store, Guajardo came outside and allegedly shot at him multiple times. The victim then ran and fell in the grass, acting like he was shot to keep Guajardo from shooting again, according to court records.

Three bullet holes were located in the front windshield of the victim’s truck, hitting the dash, steering wheel and driver’s seat. Another bullet allegedly struck a can of beans the victim was carrying in a grocery bag.

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Guajardo was later arrested at his home, where officers found the gun used in the shooting. The gun was allegedly stolen out of Clark County, according to court records.

The suspect told police while in the store the victim elbowed the woman and called her a name. The woman left the store, but later came back in and told Guajardo the victim was rocking their car back and forth and was planning to fight him when he left the store. The victim was still arguing with Guajardo when he pulled a gun from his coveralls. He told police he allegedly shot at the ground and later shot at the victim’s windshield. He also told officers the gun belonged to him and that he bought it off a man a few years ago.

While officers were completing paperwork, Guajardo allegedly told police: “I should have shot him” and “He’s lucky it just hit the can.”

Guajardo remains in the Clark County Jail.


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