Springfield High School students arrested after in-school fight

Several Springfield High School students were arrested Wednesday following a large fight at the school, officials said.

The Springfield Police Division responded to the school at 11:30 a.m. for a report of gunfire at the school. However, police said there was no gun involved in the incident.

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“There were no shots fired and no guns involved - this was a “fist fight” among students. Several arrests were made. SPD “increased their presence at the High School for the remainder of the day,” a social media post by the police division stated.

Springfield police said it is believed a student banged their hand against a locker which made a large sound. The sound may have prompted someone inside the school to call the police and claim a gun had gone off, police said.

The initial phone call prompted a large presence at the school. However, many officers quickly left the scene after it was discovered not to be gunfire.

Springfield police declined to comment further about the incident.

A Springfield City Schools spokeswoman said no gun was involved in the incident, but declined further comment.

Springfield High School junior Nikale Jones said he was in the school during the fight and said it took place in the lunchroom.

“It wasn’t gun fire, but there were fights,” Jones said. “A lot (of police) came in. Like a lot.”

Jones said the incident was scary for a lot of students.

“It is a confusing situation and is scary for some people,” he said.

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