Several homes shot at, damaged in rural Clark County

Several Clark County homes were shot at over the weekend in the Pitchin area, alarming homeowners.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Officer had five incidents reported Sunday in Southeast Clark County near River Road and Selma Pike area involving windows being shot out and buildings struck by projectiles, Clark County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Kristopher Shultz said.

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“We had several rounds that struck windows causing damage to several homes,” Shultz said.

It may have occurred overnight, he said, prior to victims reporting them.

“We’ve had several of the calls that came in where they heard no noise other than the projectile breaking the glass,” Shultz said. “Some of these folks didn’t see anything until much later after the incident occurred.”

Shultz wouldn’t say if bullets were used but evidence was collected and will be tested.

“Some of the projectiles are similar when they come out of a barrel weapon so we have to examine that,” Schultz said.

The sheriff’s office doesn’t know if this is a random event or if homes were specifically targeted. No suspect information is available at this time.

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It’s an unusual area for such reports, he said. Clark County homeowner Traci Levernier agrees. She said her neighbor’s house was damaged.

“There was a bullet hole in the front of his window and it went all the way back to his daughter’s bedroom,” Levernier said. “He saw a shell or something laying on her bed.”

The area is quiet except for the farm equipment that rides by to go into the fields, she said, and this incident scared her.

“We used to not have to keep our doors locked. Now, we have to keep them locked and it’s sad,” Levernier said. “It’s really sad.”

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