Report: Man taken to hospital after stabbing outside Springfield bar

Springfield police are investigating a reported stabbing that happened Monday night at Club 425 on Harrison Street.

A man was taken to the hospital after he was reportedly stabbed Monday night at a bar on Harrison Street, according to a Springfield police report.

Officers responded around 11:30 p.m. to Springfield Regional Medical Center in reference to a stabbing that occurred at the 425 Club located at 425 Harrison St.

When crews arrived, they spoke with the victim who said, “that he had just finished with a dart league at the 425 Club and was talking to patrons at the bar” when a man began antagonizing him, the report says.

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When the alleged male suspect was asked to leave the bar, he and the victim both went outside “where the confrontation escalated.”

“(The victim) stated that he and (the suspect) had more words outside before (the suspect) produced a sharp object and cut him vertically on his left pectoral,” the report says. “(The victim) stated that he ran to the intersection of Harrison and Linden where a male transported him to SRMC for medical treatment.”

The victim told police witnesses said the suspect fled the scene after the incident in a red pick-up truck.

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A witness told police that “she was at the bar talking with (the victim) when (the suspect) came up and started picking on him,” the report says. “The female (witness) stated that (the victim) did not interact with (the suspect) until (the suspect) started belittling his children. That is when the argument took place and the two went outside.”

A doctor at SRMC told officers that, “(the victim) sustained an approximate four-inch by one-inch deep laceration which exposed muscle,” the report says.

The victim was treated and released from the hospital.

Springfield police continue their investigation into this incident.

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