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New Suits

14-CV-0767 — Wells Fargo Financial Ohio 1, Inc., De Moines, IA vs. Shelba J. Barnhart aka Shelba Jeanne Barnhart, Dayton; complaint in foreclosure for $57,677.76 for property at 1025 Gable St.

14-CV-0768 — Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Ft. Mill, SC vs. Mark A. Jenkins, 535 Weinland Drive, New Carlisie; complaint in foreclosure for $68,349.36.

14-CV-0769 — Freedom Mortgage Corp. dba Freedom Home Mortgage Corp., Virginia Beach, Va vs. Amyjean N. Brandyberry and William E. Brandyberry, 4300 St. Paris Pike; complaint in foreclosure for $130,455.33.

14-CV-0770 — Beth E. Creamer and Kregg Creamer, c/0 700 E. High St. vs. Andrew P. Simpson, 6454 Overland Drive, New Carlisle; plaintiff demands judgment in excess of $25,000 for medical expenses and damages for accident on Dec. 21, 2012 on Milton-Carlisle Pike.

14-CV-0771 — James R. Creamer, 1028 Wheel St. vs. James S. McNamee, 4623 S. Plateau Drive; plantiff demands judgment in excess of $25,000 for medical expenses and damages for accident on Dec. 24, 2012 on at the intersection of St. Rt. 4 and Moorefield Road.

14-CV-0774 — National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, Jessup, MD vs. Amanda Carmin aka Amanda L. Carmin aka Amanda L. Ewers, 6141 Old Columbus Road and Eugene Holbrook aka Eugene J. Holbrook, 1942 S. Center St.; plaintiff demands judgment in the amount of $26,190.74.

14-CV-0775 — Security National Bank, 40 S. Limestone St. vs. Belinda S. Stewart and Robert Stewart, 26 S. Persimmon St., Catawba; plaintiff demands judgment of $46,924.62.

14-CV-0776 — Security National Bank, 40 S. Limestone St. vs. Kenneth R. Gordon, 4827 Snyder Domer Road;

plaintiff demands judgment of $35,013.89.

14-CV-0777 — First American Funding, c/o The Funding Group, Parsippany, NJ vs. Christopher A. Haford and Deanna Leigh Scott, 2071 Hillside Ave.; plaintiff demands judgment of $12,124.76.


Mandi M. Reid-Haynes vs. Great American Insurance Group, et al.; case dismissed with prejudice.

Kooy Investments LLC, Bradley, Ill. Vs. Danny P. McFadden Jr., et al; case dismissed.

Ginni L. Moore, 503 Calico St., South Charleston and John M. Moore, Piqua; decree of dissolution.

Steven K. Jordan and Alison d. Jordan; decree of dissolution.

Roberta A. Clonch vs. Russell W. Clonch; both parties granted divorce on incompatibility.

Kenneth Edward Newhart Sr., 1566 Kenton St. and Tina Marie Newhart, 2650 E. High St.; decree of dissolution of marriage.

Danny Mansfield, 403 Montgomery Ave. and Melinda Mansfield, 1216 Garfield Ave., Apt. 3; decree of dissolution of marriage.

Pamela Carmin, 215 Countryside Drive, Enon and Kevin Carmin 2441 Irvin Ave.; decree of dissolution of marriage.

Elisha Brown vs. Brian Brown; plaintiff awarded a divorce on the grounds of living separate and apart for more than one.

Anthony E. Kendell, Covington and Laura L. Kendell, Piqua; decree of dissolution.

Benjamin Theophanes Loukoumidis and Amy Michelle Loukoukmidis; decree of dissolution of marriage.

Stephanie Lynn Williams and Bradley Kyle Williams; decree of dissolution of marriage.

Beth N. Smith and Derek Smith; decree of dissolution of marriage.


Jonathan Michael Daniels, 28, of 535 E. Rose St., teacher, and Paige Marie Cromwell, 28, of 535 E. Rose St., teacher.

Nathan Leon Robinson Jr., 19, of 1125 W. Pleasant St., electrician, and Kayla Ann McQuinn, 18, of 1125 W. Pleasant St., 18, homemaker.


Jean Elizabeth Layton to Kathleen Kaina and Jo Ellen Milliken, 6814 Milton-Carlisle Road, Springfield; no fee.

Jean Elizabeth Layton to Kathleen Kaina and Jo Ellen Milliken, 6844 Milton-Carlisle-Road, Springfield; no fee.

Jean Elizabeth Layton to Kathleen Kaina, 0 Milton-Carlisle Road, Springfield; no fee. (four parcels)

Maxine Hornstein to Maxine Hornstein, trustee; 1408 Lake Shore Drive, Medway; no fee.

Scott W. Stamper to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 4867 New Carlisle Road, Springfield; no fee.

Kent D. Jarratt to Marie A. Hennigan, 210 Smith St., New Carlisle; $89,900.

Anthony D. and Carol L. Galloway to Anthony D. Galloway, 3315 Johnson Road, Springfield; no fee.

Douglas L. and Darla A. Northup to Darla A. Northup, 4451 St. Paris Pike, Springfield; no fee.

Bank of New York Mellon, trustee to Joshua S. and Heather M. Brackney, 4182 Stone Bridge Drive, Springfield; $169,900.

Christopher A. Vincent and Caitlin S. Coates to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 5602 Willowdale Road, Springfield; $43,500.

Dooridge LLC to Jonathon D. Herron, 3676 Johnson Road, Springfield; $95,300.

Gregory W. Richmond to Mary Ellen Taylor, 6211 Springfield-Jamestown Road, Springfield; $5,000.

Samuel Roy Jenkins to Stephanie and Samuel R. Jenkins Jr., 7980 Old Clifton Road, Springfield, $213,000.

James and Ruth I. Inskeep to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1684 Mahar Road, South Vienna; no fee.

Roger L. Wilson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 103 W. Columbus Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Charles Queen Jr. to 5RS LTD, 17 S. Chillicothe St., South Charleston; $8,000.

Linda L. Hodge to Kathy J. Case, 222 W. Mound St., South Charleston; no fee.

Bruce A. and Violet K. Hayes to Violet K. Hayes, 3247 Crist Road, Springfield; no fee.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Charles R. Williamson and Rhebecca D. Weyer, 1455 Parkridge Drive, Springfield; no fee.

William O. and Marilyn Williamson to John W. Gibeck, 625 Old Mill Road, Springfield; $142,000.

Gaynell P. Adams to Sandra L. Tymoski, 4830 Bosart Road, Springfield; no fee.

Jeffery D. and Julie A. Sine to Jeffrey D. and Julie A. Sine, 2710 Windy Ridge Drive, Springfield; no fee.

John W. and Marian M. DeLong to Marian M. DeLong, 5037 Stoneridge Drive, Springfield; no fee.

Harold A. and June A. Viers to Harold C. and June A. Viers, 5588 Fox Ridge Drive, Springfield; no fee.

Gary A. Skillings to Francis D. Fradette, 5474 N. Hampton Road, Springfield; $185,000.

James E. and Teresa M. Stephenson to Douglas E. McCaw, 8217 Troy Road, New Carlisle; $179,900..

Lillian M. Locke to Ivan I. and Olga Lavrishin, 0 McConkey Road, South Vienna; 0 Urbana-Lisbon Road, Mechanicsburg; 0 S. Champaign St., Mechanicsburg and 161 S. Persimmon St. Mechanicsburg; $164,000.

James McCutcheon to James E. McCutcheon, trustee, 515 W. Possum Road, Springfield; no fee.

Richard C. and Katherine H. Copeland to William J. and Cara L. Taylor, 2744 Cottonwood Drive, Springfield; $164,000.

James N. and Donna Jean Allen to Robert and Geraldine Young, 1548 Titus Road, Springfield; $58,000.

Erik J. Remsberg to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, trustee, 4206 E. National Road, Springfield; $16,700.

Liberty Savings Bank FSB to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 2146 Perkins Drive, Springfield; no fee.

Richard B. and Kimberly Boeke Wade to Neng Da Yang, 3747 Marbella St., Springfield; $215,000.

Francis P. and Cynthia A. Catanzaro to Albert J. Goebel, 2702 Seymour Lane, Springfield; $65,800.

Deborah S. Brennan to Alice M. Muller, 3316 Nantucket St., Springfield; $96,500.

John P. and Nancy Zook to John P. Zook, 2809 Wellsford Lane, Springfield; no fee.

Diane B. Monjot to Rosemary R. Roberts, 2684 Kilkenny Court, Springfield; $440,000.

Jack and Judith L. Slattery to Pond Edge Homes LLC, 130 E. Home Road, Springfield; no fee.

Peggy G. Shelton to Garth S. Whitaker, 2333 Rebecca Drive, Springfield; $87,500.

Inside Out Youth Homes Inc. to Laura Villalpando Flores, 1451 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; no fee.

Mary Jo Murphy to David G. and Diane C. Burns Monjot, 1946 Westgate Road, Springfield; $144,000.

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